Our Story

In 2018, we started Marryland Ergonomics with a vision- to create and build wonderful offices and homes. While working towards uniqueness, sustainability and customization, we realized people always look for distinct and remarkable furniture and décor for their dream spaces. We help construct your vision into reality.
Marryland Ergonomics has gained a reputation over the years for offering excellent value, continuing creativity and outstanding customer service. It has brought the joy of creating well designed products and filling spaces with dream furniture to millions of customers since its opening.
If you have just moved to a new home or are planning to revamp your existing one, or building your dream office- we at Marryland Ergonomics are here to help you discover affordable home furniture options, exclusive and plush office collection for your work, work from home essentials and for your home that is right for you. There is a piece of furniture in every corner of your home ranging from the traditional to the modern.
In contrast to the shopping at an everyday retail, Marryland Ergonomics is a little different and thrilling. It is about experiencing and getting to know concepts and inspirations that will blend into your home perfectly. We at Marryland Ergonomics offer you diverse range of products and services for you to explore.


We aim to cater our customers with custom made furniture and designs, all across India, with a vision to open a store in every city. We want to reflect a national as well as global vision creating comfort, joy, and happiness building dream spaces and dream furniture.

Our Values

Customer & Community

At Urban Ladder, customers are at the core of what we're doing. In all our efforts, we ensure that we get the correct client strategy. For every client, we establish a long-term partnership and strive to cater them throughout every phase. We plan to set the benchmark for service quality for customers.

Integrity & Consistency

We are genuine, ethical, and trustworthy. In all of our businesses, we hold high levels of business responsibility. We connect with all our clients in a systematic way.


We are here to establish a comprehensive industry for the coming years. For less, we aspire to do well and concentrate on sustainable environment. We assume that a self-sustaining business is able to resolve client problems and overcoming them.

Why Choose Us


Once we’ve received your order, we process and ship your product within 3 business days.


On purchase from our official website, we offer free shipping on all orders.


We accept Visa card, Master Card, Net banking and Cash on Delivery on all orders made from our official website.


We have 1 year of warranty on the wood of our furniture’s in addition to the natural strength and durability.


Furniture made of our high-quality fine wood are known to be very durable and have long been expected to perform well.


When you order Marryland Ergonomics products from our official website, our internal team of experts provides you 24/7 customer support.